"A Brush wth Fantasy"



'A Brush with Fantasy' - short story and picture collection


'The November wind rattled the cottage windows and the dragon's egg rolled slowly from the embers of last night's fire. She grabbed the hem of her skirt and gently patted the egg back into the heat. Her task was a weary one but it was only a few more days until this clutch was due to hatch.'


So begins one of Tina Holley's stories. The tales are inspired by or linked to her paintings and Tina is never sure where the inspiration will take her. Sometimes fantastical, often humorous, her stories range through suspense, romance, the wryly observational, tales for children, the supernatural and just plain fun - well, that is, fun with dragons.


International award winning artist Tina Holley has turned her attention to her lifelong ambition of being a writer and produced this collection of short stories.


Accompanying each story is a full colour plate of the painting that started it off.


The book contains a frontsipiece, twelve stories with accompanying plates and a biography of the artist.


Soft cover  -  223 pages  - printed on high quality silk paper  - 197mm x 128mm



The First Edition of just 150 copies is now available.



Published price £14.95 

(plus £2 UK carriage)

(contact us for overseas mailing)




Some readers' comments:

'I'm so enjoying reading your book, I may have to read it twice'.

'Your imagination astounds me. Clever, clever girl'.

'You are a natural storyteller'.

'I've read nearly all the stories and laughed out loud at your wry asides'.

'I have just finished you book. Absolutely fantastic. I will be thinking about Anwen when I pass Llyn Dinas and the bus stop in Beddgelert. I hope there will be a sequel to this book'.

'I've read two more stories in your book. I love the humour and the techno descriptions in the Anwen story. Very clever.'

'I loved your book, especially Anwen'


Stockists: Bodnant Craft Centre, Conwy Valley


Unit4: The Cornucopia Room, Hawick where there will be a book reading and signing on June 5th at 3pm. Entry free. Free refreshments.





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