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Tina Holley has been artist in residence in the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, and in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado USA, where she has also served as a jurist for the Artist in Residence programme.  Tina has also had a solo exhibition in the International Museum of Art in El Paso, Texas.


She has hung her work in both solo and group exhibitions across the UK, much of her work reflecting her travels in the UK and further afield. From 2004 Tina ran her own gallery at the National Trust's Bodnant Garden in North Wales, where work can be seen all year round. More about the Bodnant gallery


Tina is a highly regarded watercolour painter, known for her meticulous brushwork, for the way she captures the mood of the landscape and the feel of the places she travels. After many years in North Wales she is now absorbed in exploring fresh horizons from her new base in the Scottish Borders.

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